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Welcome to Women in Rotary, showcasing the history and importance of Women in Rotary and women in leadership roles in our community...

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It's reigning men. How our convict past explains our glass ceiling

Why does Tony Abbott have only one woman in his cabinet of 18 men? Why does BHP have only two women on its 12-man board? Why does Australia itself have one of the lowest rates of female company directorships in the world?

Gender disparity: roles for women lag in corporate world

It will take decades for women to achieve meaningful representation in the upper levels of corporate Australia unless a determined approach is embraced, according to the 2012 Australian Census of Women in Leadership.

Aust women still face uphill battle to break glass ceiling

Australia is falling behind other nations in terms of women in corporate and political leadership positions, a new study shows.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Tuesday released the December Australian Social Trends (AST) study.

Australia 'behind' with women in leadership positions

Australia lags behind much of the world when it comes to the number of women in business leadership positions.

The Randstad Workmonitor Report shows that only 38 per cent of Australians surveyed said that female employees make up at least half of the leadership positions at their current employer.

Women in Rotary

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Women in Rotary was created by The Rotary Club of Albert Park in order to initiate and support a dynamic Rotary culture where men and women work together to expand and build on existing strengths with the benefits of diversity to improve the lives of individuals and communities in a way consistent with the RI Strategic Plan.

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Rotary provides opportunities for ordinary women to do extraordinary things.