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Welcome to Women in Rotary, showcasing the history and importance of Women in Rotary and women in leadership roles in our community...

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Mr. Kelly Jackson Executive Chef, Crown Resorts Banqueting

Kelly Jackson joined Crown Resorts in November 2012 as an Executive Sous Chef. Kelly was quickly recognised for his talents in October 2013 and welcomed a promotion to become Executive Chef of Banqueting at Crown Melbourne.

Workplace that isn’t woman-friendly

IF YOU thought the Australia Defence Force sex scandal was disturbing, Queensland has its own agency that’s been branded a toxic place for women.

Does Gender Diversity exist in your workplace?

Gender Diversity is a challenge that faces all of us in our organisations, our communities and in Rotary. Recent statistics from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency of the Australian Government highlights that Women comprise 45.8% of all employees in Australia. As a proportion of all employees, 24.7% are women working full time and 21.1% are women working part time.

A Thank You from Alison McLaverty of Melbourne Girls’ College

Melbourne Girls’ College had always instilled the belief in its young women that there are no limitations on what they can accomplish and that they can achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. Being female has never been perceived as a barrier. Unfortunately in the real world, particularly in the workforce, prejudice and discrimination based on gender does exist and is a real issue...

Women in Rotary

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Women in Rotary was created by The Rotary Club of Albert Park in order to initiate and support a dynamic Rotary culture where men and women work together to expand and build on existing strengths with the benefits of diversity to improve the lives of individuals and communities in a way consistent with the RI Strategic Plan.

Core Values

Rotary provides opportunities for ordinary women to do extraordinary things.